CCp July 8 2016

What Is the Joint Plan?

The Joint Plan is a legal tool designed to allow Québec farmers to organize the marketing of their products. Once in place, it will allow farmers to create regulations and collectively negotiate the conditions under which their products are put on the market.


2014-03-17 - 
Reportage de La Semaine verte sur la DEP
2014-02-11 - 
1 $ versé à Tel-Jeunes par plat de côtes levées vendus
2014-01-08 - 
From January 17th to 19th: Come and visit us!

Bacon & caramel popcorns and pigs at the indoor farm at Centre de foires in Quebec city.

2013-12-06 - 
Don't forget to read La Presse this Saturday
2013-11-20 - 
Tirelire Foundation: 60 000$ to fight hunger in 2013
2013-10-25 - 
Bête & Fête 2013 : Place au porc gastronomique et à ceux qui l'élèvent
2013-10-23 - 
Quebec Pork Producer at Apollo dans l'frigo
2013-10-21 - 
Pork Belly at Ça va chauffer
2013-10-05 - 
Campagne Faire une différence une bouchée à la fois
2013-09-10 - 
Open House on Quebec Farms: see our pictures!